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KaijuKingz – Singapore’s Largest NFT Community?

Non-Fungible Tokens, or NFTs, are digital assets that are one-of-a-kind pieces that cannot be duplicated or replaced. As NFTs continue to gain popularity, it is clear that they are not only changing the way we think about ownership in the digital world, but also opening up a new avenue for community building.

In this article, we will be taking a look at arguably one of the biggest pixel art community in the NFT space, KaijuKingz, and discover what makes them so popular and how they have brought people from different parts of the world together.

KaijuKingz – Are They Simply Just Dinosaur Art?

KaijuKingz was born from the great minds of OhDots, the founder of Augminted Labs, which is the parent company of the project. The KaijuKingz collection started off with 3,333 supply of Genesis Kaijuz, followed by 6,666 Baby Kaijuz to be created from the the Genesis Kaijuz. They later released a separate collection under the same ecosystem called Failed Experiments, which can be later converted into Mutant Kaijuz.

Genesis Kaijuz are the first Kaijuz to be minted, at a price of 0.0666E. This collection lays the foundation of the entire KaijuKingz project, as they are the only collection capable of generating $RWASTE without needing to be staked.

Baby Kaijuz can be created by fusing the DNA of two Genesis Kingz, and the supply of Baby Kaijuz is capped at 6,666. These Baby Kaijuz are mutated with their own traits, and may not carry the same traits as their parent Genesis Kaijuz. Although they are not able to generate $RWASTE, they can generate $SCALES each day when the Baby Kaijuz is staked.

Mutant Kaijuz are a collection of 4,000 born from converting the Failed Experiments. These Mutant Kaijuz are able to generate $SCALES without needing to be staked, and they contribute to the P2E system of Kaiju Kingz. This collection is also the lowest entry into the KaijuKingz ecosystem.

What are $RWASTE and $SCALES?

$RWASTE is an ERC-20 token that can be used to fuse Baby Kaijuz, used for DNA extractions from Genesis Kaijuz, and spending it at the KaijuMart.

$SCALES is an ERC-20 token that is produced by staking either Genesis or Baby Kaijuz. It is also the main P2E utility token of the KaijuKingz P2E ecosystem and can be used in the KaijuMart as well, although $RWASTE has greater purchasing power compared to it.

Why are KaijuKingz So Popular?

KaijuKingz is one of the most adopted profile picture on NFT Twitter. One of the reasons is the community behind it. KaijuKingz has one of the strongest community and be it during the bull or bear market, it is common to see members of the community raiding twitter and posting their Kaijuz NFTs to shill the collection. The NFT also has a cute pixel-styled art which appeals to a large group of collectors.

KaijuKingz also rewards their holders by introducing different roles with perks. King-Of-Kingz (KOK) is a role given to those who hold at least 10 NFTs of the Kaijuz collection. This role grants the holders with special benefits such as dedicated giveaway pool and decision making.

It also has one of the most active communities, with many community-led projects such as private Telegram groups and real-life holder events. One example would the SGKK (Singapore KaijuKingz). It is a Singaporean private Telegram group created by members of the community for all holders of KaijuKingz collection. The group has held multiple real-life holder events such as bowling sessions and bar meetups to better connect the community and provide an opportunity for networking.

Not forgetting to mention, many big founders and influencers are owners of the Genesis Kaijuz collection. One of the most notable one would be @9gagceo, who swept tons of Genesis Kaijuz at one point and showed support for the project actively on his Twitter.

The team behind KaijuKingz, Augminted Labs, is also constantly building and innovating new ideas for the development of the project. They came up with a free-to-play web-based game called Rooftop Rampage, which is a game where players have to escape from the Scientists and dodge the obstacles. Not many NFT projects have successfully created a well-working game and thus it has shown that the team behind KaijuKingz is extremely talented.

They have also created their own line of merchandise and clothing, such as their latest Kaiju Fall / Winter 2022 Collection. Their clothing line features extremely clean and wearable designs following a streetwear look. These merchandise and clothing products play a huge role in community building as it encourages community members to represent KaijuKingz when they wear the merchandise out and promotes the project to newcomers of the NFT space. These can be purchased using the Kaiju ecosystem tokens.

Future Outlook for KaijuKingz

Today, KaijuKingz is still one of the most active communities out there, and is one of the most well-known NFT projects even for those who are not into the NFT space. Recently, they have just fully minted out their Baby Kaijuz after 15 months, and the KaijuKingz collection have also recently been verified on Opensea. They have decided to gamify their reveal process for the remaining unrevealed Baby Kaijuz so that it would be more interactive for the community. It also allows holders to reroll certain traits of their revealed Baby Kaijuz and bring more fun into the ecosystem.

The team is also constantly providing information on the project developments, through their community updates via medium. Their latest update revealed an upcoming interactive world called Sorashima City, where Kaiju holders will be able to appear as their Kaiju NFT and interact with other holders. It is almost like Club Penguin, except now you are cooler and you are a Kaiju! This allows Kaiju holders from all over the world to have the opportunity to connect and and network with one another, in a gamified way!

The collaboration team over at KaijuKingz has also been working hard and releasing tons of collaboration whitelists for the community, such as Ghost Boy Lives whitelist, with the use of their tokens $SCALES and $RWASTE. Holders can definitely expect to continue receiving whitelists for massive upcoming projects to come with the team’s well-connected collaboration managers.

Final Thoughts on KaijuKingz

All in all, we believe that KaijuKingz will always remain one of the most well-known projects in the NFT space given how much exposure it has and the competency of the team behind it. If you are somebody looking to get into the NFT space, KaijuKingz is definitely one of the collections you should keep on the top of your list to consider as you will most definitely be welcomed by one of the nicest community who will be willing to guide you through the space!




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