Moonbirds Project Analysis – Connecting Creators With Collectors

    The co-founders of PROOF Collective, Kevin Rose and Justin Mezzell, had recently just released a Q1 update regarding the future plans for Proof Collective and it’s child project, Moonbirds.

    If you had missed the podcast, this article will provide a quick summary of what is going to happen and how it will potentially affect the holders.

    What is PROOF Collective?

    PROOF Collective started out as a collection of 1,000 NFTs that grants it’s holders access to a private Discord and early access to the PROOF Podcast, along with other benefits like monthly market research reports, in-person events and exclusive holder-only rewards.

    Essentially, PROOF is a tight-knitted exclusive alpha community.

    What is Moonbirds?

    Moonbirds is a PFP collection launched by PROOF with a collection size of 10,000 unique NFTs. It was first launched via Premint raffle and is currently sitting at a floor price of around 6.3E.

    Moonbird holders are granted access to the private Discord by PROOF as well as gated Parliament channels. Holders are also entitled to future Moonbird-related drops, in-real-life events and access to future PROOF projects.

    They also integrated a staking system called Nesting, which allows holders to stake their Moonbirds while the NFT remains in the holder’s wallet and ownership.

    Unification of PROOF Collective and Moonbirds

    The recent update provided by the co-founders of PROOF announced that from 1st January 2025, PROOF Collective and Moonbirds will be unified together into one project.

    This decision was made along with PROOF Collective’s transition to become “an art collective supporting the Digital Renaissance”.

    What this means is that PROOF Collective will now become a art-focused project revolving around Moonbirds and acts as a platform for digital artists to connect and share their work.

    The reason for this shift in direction was due to the fact that the co-founders wanted to unify both projects that have been operating separately, and they strongly believe in that art is something that will stand the test of time.

    How will this affect PROOF and Moonbirds holders?

    Before 2025, there will be no changes to the benefits or perks received by PROOF Collective holders. They will continue to deliver all the drops and benefits as promised to their holders.

    Moonbird holders will also receive new art-focused airdrops, such as an art piece airdrop by DesLucrece for Nudebirds on March 9.

    However, the upcoming Moonbirds Mythics collection, which is an expansion of the Moonbirds collection, will not be eligible for the art airdrops.

    From 1 January 2025, the PROOF Collective passes will “expire” and transition to Moonbirds Elders. The name is still a placeholder as they will be letting the PROOF community decide on the official name.

    As such, the Moonbirds collection is now unified and all Grails and other PROOF Collective-exclusive products will be available for both Moonbirds and Elders.

    The differentiation between Moonbirds and Elders is that Elders will receive better mint chances for certain selected projects that will be launching. This is to provide additional benefits for the original PROOF holders.

    Future Outlook

    With their transition to become an art-focused project that features many famous digital artists and creators, Moonbirds is definitely a project to consider for art collectors and enthusiasts.

    PROOF and Moonbirds have a really strong holder community with majority being Day 0 holders. Holders have also been rewarded and benefitted from the various past airdrops such as Moonbirds Oddities, which is currently sitting at a floor price of 0.88E, as well as the recent airdrop of The Journey by artist Camila Nogueira for Flower Birds, which is sitting at 0.6E.

    There will also be an upcoming Moonbirds Mythics launch, which is a collection of 20,000 PFP NFTs. This will be an expansion to the Moonbirds collection, although Mythics will not receive the benefits and airdrops that Moonbirds holders do.

    It is safe to say that the holders definitely received tons of value for holding their Moonbirds.

    However, due to the past lack of communication by the team and the bear market, the floor prices of both projects have sadly been on a decline. With their recent update, some holders who are not supportive of the change in project direction have also chosen to leave the community. Nonetheless, the recent update also addressed many issues and it is a step forward for the team and the project.

    With 2025 being an extremely long way to go, there will definitely be changes to plans depending on the community and holder sentiments. It will be exciting to see how the change in project vision for PROOF and Moonbirds will pan out over time.

    What are your thoughts about the latest Moonbirds update?

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