ETHGlobal Tokyo is Coming! – Event List

    ETHGlobal Tokyo is one of the 18 hackathons that ETHGlobal will be hosting this year held from April 14 to April 16. Other than the hackathon, there will be plenty of side events being held by various DAOs and organisations that will be ongoing throughout your time in Tokyo!

    In this article, we will be providing you with a list of some of the top events that you should attend if you are travelling for ETHGlobal Tokyo.

    What is ETHGlobal?

    ETHGlobal is an organization that was initially funded by the Ethereum Foundation that aims to create a world-class ecosystem of Ethereum developers and entrepreneurs to collectively build a decentralised future.

    Every year, ETHGlobal will host multiple Ethereum hackathons around the world for developers to come together to build and learn.

    This year, ETHGlobal will be changing things up as they will be hosting their first ever in-person summit called Pragma in Tokyo. The idea for Pragma is to set up a hub for builders and leaders all around the world to engage in high-quality talks and exchange ideas through discussions.

    Pragma will be hosted on the first day of ETHGlobal Tokyo, 13th April, and it will feature a list of curated talks by industry leaders including Juan Benet from Protocol Labs, Aya Miyaguchi from Ethereum Foundation, Balaji Srinivasan from 1729, Joi Ito from Digital Garage, and also potentially a surprise guest speaker.

    To get the full detailed schedule of the ETHGlobal Tokyo, you can check it out here:

    As ETHGlobal Tokyo is an extremely large scale event with developers and leaders in the space from all over the world flying in to attend the event, many DAOs and smaller organisations will also be setting up their own activities and events during the week of the hackathon.

    Here is a list of special events that are happening during the ETHGlobal Tokyo week:

    Hanami side event at ETHGlobal Tokyo with Cosmos Ecosystem

    Date: 7 April Friday, 13:00 to 17:00 GMT+9

    Registration Link:

    Hanami ETHGlobal Tokyo by UnUniFi

    Hanami is the tradition of enjoying and appreciating the beauty of flowers, specifically during the period of cherry blossoms (also known as Sakura) in Japan. This free event is brought together by UnUniFi, along with Magpy, Slash and dYdX Foundation for attendees of ETHGlobal Tokyo to network and interact while enjoying the beautiful flowers.

    Web3 Builders Gathering Tokyo by Tane

    Date: 11 April Tuesday, 11:00 to 14:00 GMT+9

    Registration Link:

    Web3 Builders Gathering Tokyo by Tane

    The Web3 Builders Gathering serves to provide a unique networking opportunity for aspiring Web3 founders to share ideas and products. Light refreshments and coffee will be served at this free event, and one of the largest media start-ups in Japan, BRIDGE, will be there to interview various Web3 builders.

    Crypto Cafe

    Date: 12 and 13 April, 10:00 to 1800 GMT+9

    Registration Link:

    Crypto Coffee Chat co-hosted by DeForm, Alchemy, ENS and Superfluid

    Co-hosted by some of the biggest names in the space, Crypto Cafe will be held at the Pangaea Cafe, located on the 10th floor of the same building where ETHGlobal Pragma will be held. Get ready to meet various hackers, builders, founders and investors at this intimate networking event!


    Date: 13 April Thursday, 10:00 to 20:00 GMT+9

    Registration Link:

    DAO Tokyo hosted by Fraction Ventures

    DAO Tokyo is a networking and speaker panel event, with various representatives from big names in the industry such as Gitcoin, Consensys, MakerDAO and more! Currently the third wave of tickets is on sale at a price of 180USD for the standard ticket. Ticket holders are also entitled to attend their after party.

    Traditional Japanese Dinner by RamenDAO

    Date: 13 April Thursday, 19:30 onwards GMT+9

    Registration Link:

    RamenDAO hosted by Crypto Nomads Club

    Crypto Nomads Club is back again with another one of their exclusive dinners at ETHGlobal Tokyo! To register for this event, particants have to mint a RamenDAO NFT that acts as the ticket for this event. Expect to taste premium wagyu beef, sashimi, assorted tempura and best of all, unlimited sake, shochu, beer and more!

    (🔗, 📈, 😎) Link-Shinchoku-Disco

    Date: 19:00 15 April to 01:00 16 April GMT+9

    Registration Link:\

    A three-part event hosted by Unchain

    This is a three-part event hosted by UNCHAIN, a web3 developer community in Japan. It consists of a networking session, followed by a demonstration of their Web3 development grant program “Improve-to-Earn”, and lastly ending it off with a techno party with DJs and VJs from leading Web3 companies.

    WEB3 Social House Tokyo Edition – Sushi Night Party

    Date: 16 April Sunday, 16:00 to 22:00 GMT+9

    Registration Link:–tickets-573029856727

    Web3 Social House Tokyo Edition

    Hosted by Mask Network, KudasaiJP, Phaver and IVC, Web3 Social House’s Sushi Night Party will be one of the biggest networking and panel event, with admission free for up to 500 people. There will be panels conducted by industry experts and also networking session for attendees to enjoy sushi, talk shows and the latest games for free at the RED Tokyo Tower.

    Aptos Tokyo Meetup

    Date: Dev Talk – 17 April Monday, 14:00 to 17:00 GMT+9

    Web3 Night – 17 April Monday, 19:00 to 22:00 GMT+9

    Registration Link: and

    Aptos Tokyo Meetup by Aptos and Hyperithm

    Aptos and Hyperithm will be co-hosting the first ever official Aptos meetup in Tokyo. There will be 2 separate events for the Aptos Tokyo Meetup. Meetup #1 is a dev talk session to meet with the team behind Aptos to learn more about the technical side of things. Meetup #2 will be more on an overview of Aptos along with introduction of some projects built on the Aptos network. Both meetups will have a networking session at the end.

    In summary, ETHGlobal Tokyo is going to be an insane event with tons of side events that you can take part in while you are there. Get ready to meet new like-minded individuals at the events and expand your connections around the world!

    See you at the events!

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