NFT Utilities – ‘Phygital’ is the new wave

    ‘Phygital’ is the combination of the words ‘physical’ and ‘digital’, and has been a word that is commonly appeared in the NFT space.

    For a period of time, ‘phygital’ goods have become the most hyped-up utility amongst NFT projects, as it provided a way for us to display our NFTs in the real world and provide some sort of real value and utility.

    Various projects have tried to apply the concept of ‘phygital’ into one of their utilities, with some even making it the core of their project. This includes making merchandise and figurines of your NFT.

    In this article, we will look at how one bluechip project, CloneX of RTFKT, has managed to break the barrier between the physical and digital worlds, to become the most well-known projects in the space.

    Brief Background on CloneX

    CloneX is a 20,000 collection size NFT project launched by RTFKT Studios back in 2021 in collaboration with famous Japanese artist Takashi Murakami.

    2 weeks after their launch, RTFKT Studios was acquired by Nike, one of the largest sports brand in the world. This caused the floor price of CloneX to shoot up to an all time high around 24E.

    This allowed RTFKT to tap into an enormous amount of resources provided by Nike to further grow and build future products under RTFKT. Furthermore, with one of the largest sports and fashion brands backing the project, it has led many investors to believe that CloneX is one of the largest fashion projects in the NFT space.

    Forging Events

    Forging events are when holders of eligible digital collectibles are able to redeem these limited made-to-order physical products. These forging events happen once in a while and schedules are announced on RTFKT’s official channels.

    Some of the past forging events by RTFKT includes Nike Footballverse Jersey, hoodies, and even a Meta-Artisan luggage in collaboration with Rimowa.

    On 24th April, RTFKT will be releasing their next Forging Event, and this time it involves the Nike sneaker silhouette that we are all familiar with, the Nike Air Force 1s.

    This Forging Event will feature 10 iconic RTFKT X Nike Air Force 1 sneakers fused with CloneX DNA, as well as Takashi Murakami’s first ever Air Force 1 design. To forge and get one of these physical sneakers, you must hold any of the RTFKT Air Force 1 NFT that is available on secondary markets like Opensea.

    Collection Announcement on RTFKT Twitter

    At the time of writing, the Murakami DNA colorway, with only 167 units, is sitting at a floor price of 4.98E (~$9,587USD). Other colorways such as the black and red Genesis and Murakami Drip colorways are trading between 0.27E to 0.53E. The full collection for the Forging Event can be found here:

    This event is definitely not one to be missed for holders of these Air Force 1 NFTs! If you are a hypebeast or a fan of Murakami, this is the event for you!

    Want to find out more about CloneX and how they became one of the top fashion collection in the NFT space? Check out our other article here:

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